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The internet is an unrivaled source of information on everything and anything. We have discovered some interesting websites which you might find of use, in addition to the pet information we provide on our site.


It is an N.Ireland animal charity based and operating in N.Ireland, and is the primary animal care group in this area.  Its remit is the promotion of the welfare of all animals through education and enforcement.

Tel. (028)82256226.


This is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. It assists pet owner to pay their veterinary bills. If you are in receipt of either Housing or Council Tax Benefit you quality to register ONE animal per household with PDSA. We are a PDSA Registered Practice for the catchment areas, Strabane, Castlederg, Claudy, Limavady and Londonderry/Derry. If you live within any of these catchment areas you can register for PDSA with Drumahoe Veterinary Clinic, where you can receive a registration form at reception.  Registration fee is £7.50.



This is a locally based animal charity and is dedicated to caring for sick and injured stray dogs and cats until they can be rehomed. They also promote vaccination of animals and neutering schemes.

Rainbow Rehoming

Tel. (028)71812882


Dog Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK.As well as a range of animal support they promote dog neutering and will contribute to the cost of this procedure in our clinic if you qualify under their set criteria.

Dog's Trust


A registered cat charity, helping to raise awareness and rehoming of stray cats. They use their funds partly to assist in the financing of neutering cats. We receive Cat Protection Vouchers for these procedures.

Cat's Protection


From the 1st April 2012 it is a legal requirement to have all dogs licenced and micro-chipped.  Dog licence forms can be completed here in the clinic, at Derry City Council, or at your local post office.  The dog licence fee is £12.50 or £5.00 if you are in receipt of benefits.  Pensioners receive a free licence for their first dog.

Derry City Council

Dog Warden Tel. (028)71365151